Phrasal Verbs Get

Common Uses of Get In spoken and written English, particularly informal, GET is used a lot! We have a huge variety of meanings for GET and many many phrasal verbs and expressions. Here are some common uses: Get = reach/arrive – What time did you get home? – I think I’ll get there at 6pm. […]

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Weather Idioms

Weather Idioms & Expressions for Everyday Conversation It could be a result of our ever-changing weather, but Irish people talk about the weather constantly! And not only this, we use a lot of weather idioms in our everyday conversation. Here are a few weather idioms and expressions to help you understand and join in: The […]

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Our English Summer School Opens

Babel Academy Summer School Opening Next Week! It’s that time of year… At Babel Academy we are eagerly preparing to open our English Summer School next week! Exciting times… The team are the finalising the finishing touches for doors opening on Monday morning. From Late June to mid August our English Summer School caters for […]

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Transport in Dublin

Transport in Dublin – Useful Information What’s the best way to get around? If your destination is not within walking distance here are some cheap and convenient options for your transport around Dublin city: Dublin Bus: The 41 bus and 16 bus travel from the airport to the city centre – It is much cheaper […]

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Win 2 Week General English Course

Competition Time!  Babel Academy of English is offering 2 prizes of a 2 week adult English course in Dublin (accommodation and airport transfer included!). To enter the competition please fill in the form below. We will send you a message to confirm your entry. Don’t forget to share with your friends, you and your best […]

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