Cycling in Dublin | Coca Cola Bikes

Cycling in Dublin – Transport that’s fast, convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly! Coca-Cola Bikes in Dublin are the public bicycle rental service suitable for everyone (from 14 years old and upwards) who wants a fast, convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly way to travel around Dublin. This service started in 2009 and has been getting great […]

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Art in Dublin | Stained Glass | Harry Clarke

Art in Dublin | Stained Glass | Harry Clarke World renowned art in Dublin can not only be found in our famous galleries but also in buildings dotted around the city. This blog takes a brief look at art works in Dublin by Harry Clarke (1889-1931), Stained Glass Artist from Ireland, and where to find them.  […]

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Conversation exchange in Dublin

Conversation Exchange in Dublin If you are interested in improving your English level, learning a new language or making international friends, this activity is for you! Conversation exchange is getting really popular these days, especially in a cosmopolitan city like Dublin.  It’s an inexpensive way to have interesting conversations and learn a foreign language at […]

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Irish Legend Children of Lir

The Story Of The Children Of Lir The Irish are known for their ability to talk! As we say it “the gift of the gab”. This probably connects way back to the oral tradition of storytelling. When people were mostly illiterate they entertained each other around the fire in the house telling stories. A famous […]

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English Summer Camp 2017

English Summer Camp 2017 Welcome to all our teens! What a great start to our Summer School in 2017! Our English summer camp is all about immersion and our teens have really embraced their Irish experience. The art group recently made flip book animations of the Story of Saint Patrick. Here is a selection of […]

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