Oktoberfest Festival Dublin

You have probably already heard about Oktoberfest but, do you know about its origins?
Oktoberfest originated in Munich, Germany as a celebration of a royal wedding on the 12th of October 1810. The main event in these festivities was horse racing. The races attracted so many people that the event was held again the following year, giving rise to the tradition of Oktoberfest (ironically this part of the festival is not longer held today).
In the following years Agricultural Shows were added to the festival such as carousels and beers tents, turning it into the event we know today.
Nowadays, Oktoberfest is one of the largest festivals in the world, with some 6 million visitors each year from all around the world.

oktoberfest festival munich
Oktoberfest Festival in Munich

When, Where, What?

Oktoberfest will be running from 14th September – 1st October 2017 in North Dock, Dublin.
Following the same events schedule as the original festival in Munich, you will enjoy Bavarian food, entertainment and beers as if you were in Deutschland!
At this event you can find traditional German markets with specialities and traditional dishes from sausages, meat, pastries, Käsealm (German mountain cheese) to German candies and gingerbread hearts.

As for drinks ,you can choose between non-alcoholic and alcoholic beers, with the special Oktoberfest brew as the star of the show.
Beer prices go from €6.50 for a pint to €12 for one litre. There is a €5 deposit fee for glasses as part of the event’s environmental and safety policy. The deposit will be returned to you once you bring the glass back.

Theme Nights
The event will have theme nights every day until Thursday: “Industry” on Monday, “Pink Tuesday” for the LGBT community and “Whacky Wednesday. You will also enjoy authentic Bavarian music every evening to complete the German experience.

Opening Hours
Opening hours are Mon-Thu: 12:00-23:30, Fri and Sat: 12:00-16:30 + 17:30-23:30, Sun 12:00-22:30. Due the popularity of this festival, it would be wise for you to arrive a little bit early (there are at times long queues due to admission restrictions).

Entrance Fee
Admission is free Sunday to Thursday.
Friday and Saturday evenings there is an entrance fee of €10 that includes a €5 meal voucher.
If you want to know further information about Oktoberfest in Dublin, click on www.oktoberfest-dublin.de

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