Accommodation in Dublin

Accommodation in Dublin Dublin is one of the most dynamic and youthful cities in Europe. As a result, there are several accommodation options to choose from. Due to all the choices, it can be hard to find the perfect accommodation. In this post we compare the different types of accommodation in Dublin to help you […]

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25 Interesting Oscar Wilde Facts

 Oscar Wilde facts As one of the most well-known sons of Dublin, Oscar Wilde has been the source of multiples articles. Here we share 25 interesting Oscar Wilde facts which you may not have known: 1. Oscar Wilde was born on 16th October in Dublin which makes him a Libra on the Zodiac chart. 2. […]

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Cycling in Dublin | Coca Cola Bikes

Cycling in Dublin – Transport that’s fast, convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly! Coca-Cola Bikes in Dublin are the public bicycle rental service suitable for everyone (from 14 years old and upwards) who wants a fast, convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly way to travel around Dublin. This service started in 2009 and has been getting great […]

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Art in Dublin | Stained Glass | Harry Clarke

Art in Dublin | Stained Glass | Harry Clarke World renowned art in Dublin can not only be found in our famous galleries but also in buildings dotted around the city. This blog takes a brief look at art works in Dublin by Harry Clarke (1889-1931), Stained Glass Artist from Ireland, and where to find them.  […]

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