Conversation exchange in Dublin

Conversation Exchange in Dublin If you are interested in improving your English level, learning a new language or making international friends, this activity is for you! Conversation exchange is getting really popular these days, especially in a cosmopolitan city like Dublin.  It’s an inexpensive way to have interesting conversations and learn a foreign language at […]

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Phrasal Verbs Get

Common Uses of Get In spoken and written English, particularly informal, GET is used a lot! We have a huge variety of meanings for GET and many many phrasal verbs and expressions. Here are some common uses: Get = reach/arrive – What time did you get home? – I think I’ll get there at 6pm. […]

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Weather Idioms

Weather Idioms & Expressions for Everyday Conversation It could be a result of our ever-changing weather, but Irish people talk about the weather constantly! And not only this, we use a lot of weather idioms in our everyday conversation. Here are a few weather idioms and expressions to help you understand and join in: The […]

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