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Daniela, Student, Italy
“I cannot recommend enough the Babel Academy of English. I took the First Certificate Exam Course. At the beginning I was shy but my teacher was very kind and made me feel calm. He helped me with any problems I had. I really improved my listening and my speaking and everything I need for my certificate exam. Without Babel Academy I would not have passed.”
Nicola, Student, Austria
“I really enjoyed my 2 weeks and I had a great time! My English has improved very well and I think I can pass my FCE. The family was just amazing.”
Elisabetta, Group Leader, Italy
“Both lessons and social and cultural programme were perfect for all! The students really enjoyed their stay. Thank you so much!”
Bruno, Student, Argentina
“The staff were very friendly with me and I enjoyed my experience with Babel. It is a good idea to go with students to bars so that they can speak more English. Tours very nice.”
Maria Luisa, Group Leader, Spain
“The teachers and classes were excellent so all the students could practise and improve their English. The host families were really marvellous, they helped the students with anything they needed. The sandwiches they provided them for lunch were really good. The activities were very interesting and the school guides were very helpful so the students could learn about Irish culture and costumes. The organization in general was great. Everything was perfect. I have organised this course for six years and this has been the best one really. I hope I will be able to go back next year. Thanks for everything.”
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