English for Specific Purposes

The Babel English for Specific Purposes programme is a highly targeted language course for professionals. If you are a professional wishing to improve your level of English as rapidly as possible, then this is the course for you.

We provide one-to-one lessons and classes with low numbers (ratio of 1 teacher to 5 students) in a number of specialised areas including:

  • English and Pharmacy (See below for details of our English and Pharmacy Programme)

  • Aviation and air traffic control

  • Banking and Finance

  • Law

  • Military Organisation

  • Medicine

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Travel and Tourism

We offer a full-time English for Specific Purposes programme (five mornings per week) or alternatively we can offer you the option of joining our General English classes in the morning and pursuing one-to- one or low-ratio specialised English in the afternoon. 

English and Pharmacy Programme

English + Pharmacy is an intensive programme specifically designed for pharmacy graduates from non-English speaking countries who would like to work in Ireland. Together with our partners, experts in Pharmacy practice in Ireland, we provide a unique opportunity for pharmacy graduates to improve their English and prepare for the IELTS exam, learn about pharmacy laws and practices in Ireland, register with PSI (Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland) and gain professional experience through work-place training. See our English and Pharmacy Page for more information or contact info@clarityacademy.ie to make an inquiry.

Why study English for Specific Purposes at Babel?

  • We offer a highly targeted learning experience for your individual industry, ensuring you learn exactly what you need from the very start.

  • We offer low-ratio and specialised one-to- one learning, depending on your needs, to quickly progress your learning and fluency.

  • We constantly monitor your progress and make sure you’re learning well and happy with your progress.

  • Babel Academy of English is located in the heart of Dublin City; you will be immersed in Dublin city life as you learn.

  • We offer more than just language learning; we also offer advice and specific guidance on the industry chosen, to ensure you reach and succeed at your career goals.