Business English

The Babel Academy Business English course focuses on gaining the language skills needed in order to progress in your career. If you want to learn great written and vocal English in order to progress in an English-speaking workplace, then this course is for you.

Student focus on all four skills to achieve the competency and fluency needed to perform in a business environment. You also learn functional language and vocabulary needed in business communications: phone conversations, face-to- face meetings, interviews, emails and business correspondence. The course includes relevant, authentic materials and other learning resources based on real-life situations in an English-speaking workplace. 

This course is ideal if you are entering the business world or you are already working for a company and want to improve your business communications skills. 

Why choose Business English at Babel?

  • Our excellent and skilled tutors offer a highly targeted learning experience aimed to help improve the language skills needed for a business environment.

  • We use real-life materials, such as newspapers, business correspondence and web pages, ensuring the English you learn is useful for the modern workplace.

  • We constantly monitor your progress and make sure you’re learning well and happy with your progress.

  • Babel Academy of English is located in the heart of Dublin City; you will be immersed in Dublin city life as you learn.

  • We put emphasis on your whole learning experience at Babel – from lessons to practical experience to life outside the classroom.

Class times

Morning Option: 09:00-13:30 Monday to Friday (20 hours tuition per week)

Afternoon Option: 12.30-17.00 Monday to Friday (20 hours tuition per week)