General English Course

The Babel Academy General English Course focuses on improving your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. If you are learning English and want to improve your general knowledge of the language, this is the right course for
Classes are interactive, creative and challenging, and based on real-life situations. 

We are committed to ensuring you get the most out of your course. We first set you a short test in order to assess your level of English. We then put you in a class at the correct level. Our curriculum is designed to help you and your new classmates to improve your skills quickly and effectively.

Our core curriculum is supplemented with a variety of authentic materials such as newspapers, web pages, magazines, extracts from literature and a range of other teaching materials. A test at the end of every week will monitor your progress.  For information on our prices, read our price table here.

Why choose General English at Babel?

  • We assess your level of English and put you at the correct level from the start, therefore guaranteeing your language skills will improve from the very first lesson.

  • We use real-life materials, such as magazines and web pages, ensuring the English you learn is modern and useful.

  • We constantly monitor your progress and make sure you’re learning well and happy with your progress.

  • Babel Academy of English is located in the heart of Dublin City; you will be immersed in Dublin city life as you learn.

  • We put emphasis on your whole learning experience at Babel – from lessons to accommodation to social life.

Class times

Morning Option: 09:00-12.25 Monday to Friday (with 25 minute break - 15 hours tuition per week)

Afternoon Option: 13.35-17.00 Monday to Friday (with 25 minute break - 15 hours tuition per week)