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ILEP Information - Academic Year (25 Week) Programmes

+ Student Refunds

Cancellation and Refund Policy download

+ Punctuality, Attendance, Abseenteeism and Expulsion

Punctuality, Attendance, Absenteeism and Expulsion Policy download

+ Holidays and Sick Leave

Holiday and Sick Leave Policy download

+ End of Programme Exam Entry and Recording of Grades

End of Programme Exam Policy download

+ TIE Exam Information

The Test of Interactive English (TIE) is an international EFL exam developed in Ireland by a group of Irish English language professionals under the aegis of the Advisory Council for English Language Schools (ACELS). TIE is administered and certified by Interactive Language Tests Ltd (IELT).

TIE has been designed for all students over the age of 18 of all abilities and motivations following either long or short courses in language schools or other educational institutions. TIE is a learner-centred exam which is flexible, i.e., designed to recognise and accommodate the needs and interests of each learner whatever their level of English, age, cultural or educational background.

  • TIE assesses your levels of written and spoken English and separate grades are awarded for each part of the test
  • TIE is certified by IELT and recognised as a valid Exit Exam for English Language courses listed on the ILEP by The Irish Department of Justice and Equality
  • Assessment follows the Common European Framework and the TIE certificate is suitable for inclusion in a European Language or Europass Portfolio.
  • Rigorous quality assurance checks are in place to ensure validity and reliability.
  • TIE can be taken by learners at any level.
  • TIE is available to students every Wednesday and Thursday in Dublin at the IELT premises.

Exam Preparation: You need to do three tasks and record them in a logbook:

  • Carry out a short project on a subject of interest to you
  • Read a book of your choice in English at your level
  • Follow a News Story in the newspapers and/or on TV or radio

Your teacher will support you in preparing for the TIE exam in class. You can also attend a free exam preparation session. Please ask at reception.

What does the test consist of? The test is in two parts – a speaking test (OTIE) and a written test (WTIE). In the oral test you present your project, talk about either your book or news story and talk to your partner to reach a decision based on some material the examiner will give you. In the writing test you are required to produce two pieces of writing. You write about either your book or news story for the first task and for the second you write something which you have not prepared.

How long does the test take? The writing test takes 1 hour and the speaking test takes 30 minutes.

How do I register? Babel Academy of English will register you for the exam. You pay the Exam fee of €110 when you pay for your Academic Year (25 week) Programme course fees.

How is the test assessed? The test is assessed according to the Council of Europe’s Common European framework of Language Proficiency.

When do I get my results? Statement of results are issued within 14 working days of doing the test and certificates sent within 6 weeks. Results are sent to the school. Babel Academy of English will notify students of their results by email.

Website with more information about TIE: http://ielt.ie/

+ Complaints and Grievances

Complaints and Grievances Policy download

+ Health Insurance

All non-EEA students are required to have private medical insurance when coming to and residing in Ireland for the purpose of study. The private medical insurance should provide cover for accident and/or disease and should cover the student for any period of hospitalisation.

At registration with the immigration authorities a student is required to have proof of private medical insurance.

For newly arrived first year students in Ireland Travel insurance may suffice where;

  • The insurance covers the student for one full year or where the student is staying in Ireland for less than one year for the entirety of their stay;
  • The insurance coverage covers the student at a minimum of €25,000 for Accident and €25,000 for Disease;
  • The insurance coverage covers the student for any period of hospitalisation;

Where a non-EEA student intends on staying in Ireland for more than one year, and where they were covered by travel insurance for the first year, that student is required to source private medical insurance in Ireland for their second and any subsequent years.

Students can purchase medical insurance through Babel Academy of English with Study and Protect. Babel Academy Medical Insurance (25 weeks - 1 year) = €90

+ Learner Protection

In accordance with INIS we provide Learner Protection for students enrolled on Academic Year Programmes.

Babel Academy of English has approval to offer students Learner Protection Insurance. Learner Protection Insurance is only in place when each student receives their certificate.

We work with Study and Protect to provide this. We will give you a certificate of proof of enrolled learner protection demonstrating that you are covered.

Learner protection is included in course fees.

+ Emergency Contact

If you need assistance during office hours (08:30-17:00), please contact the school directly: Phone +353 1 5477 665; Email info@babelacademy.ie

For emergencies outside of office hours we have an Emergency Contact Number: +353 87 938 6269

The Police/Fire/Ambulance emergency services in Ireland contact number is 112 or 999.

+ Admissions Criteria

Babel Academy of English Academic Year (25 week) programmes are for non-native English speakers aged 18 years or older.

To inquire directly about booking our Academic Year programmes or ask a question, contact info@babelacademy.ie

To confirm a booking, we will ask you to fully and accurately complete and submit the Babel Academy of English Booking form. When we receive the completed booking form we will reply with your acceptance letter and an invoice for the full fees. All bookings must be confirmed in writing. Non-EEA students will require for your visa application a letter confirming that you are enrolled on the ILEP Programme. On receipt of the full fees, we will send you confirmation of enrolment stating details of your programme, fees paid, and what is included (eg. Medical Insurance, Accommodation, if appropriate).

Before beginning your programme, we will ask you to take our English level test to ensure that you are placed at the correct level.

+ Programme Fees

Tuition Fees (25 weeks - Morning Programme) €2,750

Tuition Fees (25 weeks - Afternoon Programme) €2,300

Enrolled Learner Protection Insurance included in tuition fees.

Mandatory Exam Fee (TIE) €110

We advise International Students (non-EU) to pay through our PaytoStudy link here. You will need your invoice number for payment.

About Our Courses

+ How do I find out my level of English?

You can do your placement test in advance of your trip, or on your first day. We will use this to place you in the class which is most appropriate to your level. However, we are aware that the initial assessment does not always accurately reflect your range of communication skills. If you think your class level is too low or too high, come and talk to us. You can also take our free English test here.

+ How many English levels do you have?

We offer English classes from A1 to C2. Contact us to check availability of programmes at your level. Before you arrive, it is a good idea to take our free English test and discuss the specific skills you would like to improve during your course with us. You can contact us here.

+ Do you offer Exam Preparation courses?

Yes, we offer exam preparation for TIE, IELTS, Cambridge exams – FCE, CAE, and TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test). You can get more information about our Exam Preparation courses here. If you have a different exam that you want to prepare for, please contact us to discuss your options.

Academic Year students see section at top of page ILEP Information - Academic year (25 week) Programmes: End of Programme Exam Entry and Recording of Grades.

+ Can you help me to book an exam?

Yes. We can book an external exam for you in Ireland. Please discuss exam bookings with us well in advance to ensure that your exam can be booked before the closing date. Academic Year students see section at top of page ILEP Information - Academic year (25 week) Programmes: End of Programme Exam Entry and Recording of Grades.

Exam fees:

Cambridge First (FCE) €185; Cambridge Advanced (CAE) €195; IELTS €210; TIE €110;

Cambridge TKT €50 (per module, TKT must be booked a minimum of 8 weeks in advance);

Trinity College London GESE - Group bookings only, contact us for prices

+ Do you offer Business English courses?

Yes, we offer courses in Business English. You can get more information about our courses here.

+ Do you offer specialised or one-to-one courses for specific purposes?

Yes, we can tailor courses to your needs and interests. If you are looking for one-to-one classes or if you have a group looking for a specialised course, please contact us to discuss your options.

+ Do you have offers for family groups?

Yes, we offer packages for family groups throughout the year. You can choose from these options – we will combine your requirements to create a tailor-made package:

  • Teenage language courses (including Summer School option)
  • Adult language courses
  • Social and Cultural Programme
  • Airport transfers
  • Host Family Accommodation (We can place family members in the same host family or in different host families in the same area)

+ What are the class times?

Morning Programme (15 hours) 09:00-12:25 Morning Programme (20 hours) 09:00-13:35

Afternoon Programme (15 hours) 13:45-17:00 Afternoon Programme (20 hours) 12:35-17:00

Classes run from Monday to Friday.

+ What is the school calendar?

We are open Monday to Friday throughout the year excluding (i) public holidays and (ii) 2 weeks in December during the Christmas period.

Public Holidays in Ireland:

• January 1st • March 17th • Easter Monday • First Monday in May • First Monday in June • First Monday in August • Last Monday in October • December 25th & 26th

You can find our school timetable here including 2018/2019 holidays.

+ How many students are in a class?

There is a maximum of 15 students in full-time and part-time classes.

+ When can I start a course?

Most students begin class on a Monday (or Tuesday if the Monday is a public holiday). Email us at info@babelacademy.ie to check availability or confirm your start date.

+ Do you provide extra study support during the course?

Yes, we can provide online self-study materials and opportunities for students to ask questions and get advice. Students can request a meeting with the Academic Manager to discuss their needs or talk about their learning plan.

Academic Year students can attend our TIE Exam Preparation Session in advance of their exam so that they are fully prepared.

+ Do you provide regular feedback and assessment for students?

Yes, we assess your English level before you begin your course. During your course, your teacher will give you regular feedback and advice about what you need to improve and how you can develop your language skills. At the end of each week teachers give an assement task to check your learning. For full-time/Academic Year students there is a progress test every six weeks.

+ Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course. Important: Students must attend a minimum of 85% of their course to receive a certificate.

+ What qualifications do Babel Academy of English teachers have?

Our teachers have a minimum of a level 7 NFQ, eg. university degree or equivalent, and an ELT recognised teaching qualification, eg. CELT or equivalent.

+ How do I book an English course?

You can send us an email at info@babelacademy.ie for information about booking, call us +353 1 5477665 or complete the online booking form here.

Information required for bookings includes, but is not limited to, Full Name, Sex, Date of Birth, Nationality, Mother Tongue, Passport Number, Email, Phone Number, Address, Emergency Contact, any medical conditions or disabilities, Course Type, Course Start and End Date.

We will confirm your booking after you have paid. All bookings must be confirmed in writing.

+ What happens if I have to cancel my course?

We understand that circumstances may change and you may need to cancel your booking with us after you have paid. There is no cancellation charge for bookings made 4 weeks before you start a short term course - You can get a full refund. For cancellations of long term courses (ie. 25 weeks) due to visa refusal there is a cancellation fee of €100. You can receive a full refund minus the cancellation fee. If you need to cancel within 4 weeks of the start date of your course, there is a cancellation fee of €200. Cancellations are only permitted prior to the date on which services commence. There is no refund after the commencement date.

You can access our full cancellation and refund policy here. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

+ What are the course prices?

Adult course prices – click here

For further information on full fees for longer term students (ie. 25 weeks) on a study visa, please see the information section for Academic Year Students.

Summer School prices – contact us

We also offer a variety of different package options. You can include or exclude, for example, accommodation, airport transfer, social and cultural programme activities, additional one-to-one classes, etc. You can also select from our executive one-to-one or small group courses. We are happy to talk to you about all your options before you book. For any other queries about prices please contact us directly.

About Our Social and Cultural Activities

+ Do you have any afternoon and evening activities?

Yes, we provide a large variety of activities. There is something for everyone. Get more information about our Social and Cultural Programme here.

Email us at info@babelacademy.ie or call us +353 1 5477665 if you would like to talk about your options.

+ How do I get information about other social and cultural events in Dublin and Ireland?

We are always happy to offer information and advice to our students about what’s on in Dublin and the best trips and activities in other parts of Ireland. We know that you will want to have a taste of what the ‘locals’ enjoy, as well as the most interesting tourist sights. Please come and talk with us during your course. Our friendly staff are happy to offer their personal recommendations or help you to find more information about activities or places you are interested in.

About Accommodation

+ What type of accommodation do you provide?

We provide a range of accommodation for short and long stay students. We can arrange your stay in a host family or private and shared apartment accommodation. See this page for more information. Please contact accommodationsbabel@gmail.com to ask a question or check availability.

+ Where are host families located?

Full time courses take place in Dublin city centre. Our host families are all serviced by regular public transport links to the city centre. Our Summer school host families are all located either within walking distance or with suitable public transport links to the Raheny area where our summer school is based.

+ How much will my accommodation cost?

Contact us at accommodationsbabel@gmail.com and we will do our best to find the accommodation that suits your budget.

Babel Academy Host Family Accommodation: (meals included)

Shared room €190 per week; Single room €230 per week; Single room - private bathroom €250 per week

Babel Academy Apartment Share: (self-catering) €240 per student per week

+ How do I book accommodation?

Email us at accommodationsbabel@gmail.com to book accommodation or complete our full online booking form.

+ Can I change my accommodation if I have problems?

Yes, we are here to help. If you have problems with your accommodation, please talk to us immediately. You can ask for Maria, the accommodations manager at reception, email her at accommodationsbabel@gmail.com or call the school on +353 1 5477 665.

About Transport

+ Do you provide transport tickets for bus, train and tram?

Yes, we can provide a travel pass for bus, train and tram if requested. You can e-mail us at info@babelacademy.ie for more information.

+ Do you offer airport transfers?

Yes, we can organise transport to and from the airport for arrival and departure. Fee: €80 one-way (08:00-20:00).

Please contact us for more information or to book a transfer with your course.

+ How can I travel from my accommodation to the school?

Our courses for adults and school groups throughout the year are conveniently based in the city centre. If you are staying in host family accommodation, all are located on average 20-30 minutes from the city centre.

We can provide a travel pass for bus and train as part of your package, if requested. Alternatively, you can purchase a travel pass on your arrival.

A travel Pass (also called LEAP card) can be used on public transport in Dublin. Dublin public transport includes Bus, Tram (LUAS) and Rail (DART) services.

Students attending our Summer School will be located in an area with direct transport (train, bus, or within walking distance) to the school.

About Student Support

+ What do I do if I have an emergency?

Our office opening hours are (local Irish time) Monday to Friday 08:30 to 17:00. Please call us on this number if you have any questions or problems: +353 1 5477665.

Babel Academy of English emergency phone number is +353 87 938 6269. Please use this if you have an emergency outside of office hours. We kindly ask you to use for emergencies only.

The Police/Fire/Ambulance emergency services in Ireland contact number is 112 or 999.

+ Do you have a Babel Academy of English student handbook?

Yes, we have a student handbook available to all students. Email info@babelacademy.ie to receive a copy.

+ Can you help me to find an internship?

Yes, we provide support for students who are looking for suitable internship opportunities. Please contact us for more information.

+ What happens on my first day?

When you arrive at the school, we will assess your level of English and place you in the most suitable class. We will give you an orientation talk and a Babel Academy of English pack, including general information about your course and staying in Dublin.

+ What do I do if I have a problem with my course, accommodation or any part of my package?

Please come and talk to us immediately. It is extremely important to us that you have the best possible experience. We want to know about any problems so that we can help you to solve them as soon as possible.

About Study Visa

+ Do I need a visa to study in Ireland?

If you are an EEA student you do not need a visa to enter Ireland to study. If you are not an EEA student, you may need a visa to study in Ireland. You can use this online facility to check if you need a visa. If you do not need a visa to enter Ireland you may still need to register with the immigration authorities.

+ How do I apply for a visa to enter Ireland?

You can apply online for your student visa: (The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) provides supporting information in several languages)

When you complete the online form, you are given a unique reference number which can also be used to track the application. At the end of the online application, you will receive a summary of the supporting documentation required, the fee payable and where it should be submitted to (often the nearest Irish Embassy or Consulate).

+ What documents do I need to apply for a study visa?

These are the key documents:

• The letter of acceptance confirming (i) you have been accepted on a full-time language course; (ii) you have paid your course fee.

Note: When you first apply for a course, we will send you a letter confirming your enrolment and an invoice stating the fees. When you confirm all details are correct and you pay the full fees (including mandatory exam fee) you will be sent a letter of acceptance and confirmation of course fees paid.

• Evidence that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while studying in Ireland. Academic Year students must have access to at least €3,000 (in addition to your course fees) at first registration.

• Evidence of private medical insurance. (See section at top of page ILEP Information - Academic Year (25) Programmes: Health Insurance for more information)

• A passport valid for at least 6 months after the completion of your course

+ What happens when I arrive in Ireland?

At the airport an immigration officer will check your documents. If they are satisfied that everything is in order, they will stamp your passport and then add a date to the stamp. You must register with immigration authorities before the date on the stamp.

+ Where do I register with immigration authorities?

In Dublin City the registration office is located at: 13-14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2

You must book an appointment online before your visit.

+ What do I need to do at school before I attend my appointment?

You will need to confirm your course schedule, ie. your holiday dates, in the first week of your course (See section at top of page ILEP Information - Academic Year (25 week) Programme: Holidays and Sick Leave for more information). Please confirm at reception that you have booked your INIS appointment so that the school can inform INIS of your finalised course schedule before you attend your appointment.

+ What happens at the immigration registration office?

When you go to the registration office, an immigration officer will meet you and record your details. If your application is successful, the immigration officer will:

  • Put a stamp in your passport to grant you permission to stay in Ireland
  • Give you a registration certificate (also called a 'GNIB card') to show that you have been registered

There is a registration fee of €300 (payment by bank giro or credit card)

See this website for information on study visas.

Useful Websites

Education in Ireland - national brand under the authority of the Minister for Education and Skills – information about studying in Ireland

Irish Council for International Students – information about moving to and living in Ireland

Citizens Information Service – Information about moving to Ireland

Department of Foreign Affairs – Visa information

About Agents

+ How do I become an agent?

To become an agent, go to our Become an Agent page, complete the form and submit.

+ What are the benefits of being a partner of Babel Academy of English?

Please visit our agent page for more information or contact us to receive our booking partner manual.