6 reasons why Dublin is the best 2019 language study destination

6 reasons why Dublin is the best 2019 language study destination

Dublin has grown greatly in the last decade and is gaining in popularity as a student hub. Dublin is cosmopolitan, lively, welcoming and dynamic. In this blog we give you 6 reasons why you should choose Dublin as your study destination in 2019.

  1. Dublin feels like home.

    As of 2018, Dublin counts 1,201,426 inhabitants among its urban and suburban areas. If you come from a big city, you will quickly realise that is not a big population for a capital city. This is what makes Dublin a great study destination – it is convenient to get around and there are lots of opportunities to meet people. It doesn’t take long to bump into the same people or recognise familiar faces on your morning bus ride. Dublin feel homey and warm, the perfect city to meet people from all over the world and improve your English skills.

  2. Dublin is friendly and fun.

    We all know Dublin has a great reputation of as one of the friendliest cities in Europe. Irish people are welcoming, helpful and always “up for the craic” (craic meaning fun). If you need directions, do not hesitate to ask the locals. Everyone will try and help you. If you are over 18, make sure you enter a pub in the city centre. Sit down for a pint of Guinness and talk to the locals – a great way to practice your spoken English.

  3. Dublin is full of events.

    Every weekend there is something going on. Between festivals, attractions to visit, and evening activities such as pub quizzes and “gigs” (meaning concerts), you cannot get bored of Dublin. There are many meet-ups and language exchange events for English language students too!

  4. Dublin is easy to travel to.

    If you are coming from Europe, Ryanair and Aerlingus have you sorted! The two Irish airline companies offer flights at affordable rates from most European cities. Dublin also works as a major connection for international flights to Europe, making it easy to reach the city from all over the world, and reach the world from this city!

  5. Dublin is growing fast.

    Dublin is quickly gaining the status of “Tech” city in Europe with major IT companies settling here such as Google and Facebook. This allows for fast growth in the city, which is becoming more cosmopolitan every day. If you decide to come to Dublin to improve your English, you might decide to stay for good!

  6. Dublin has a high educational standard.

    English language schools in Ireland are recognised all over the world as having excellent facilities and teaching standards. Whether you are looking to learn English from scratch or sit a proficiency exam, language schools in Dublin will have the right course for you. Check out our courses here and contact us for more information.