Babel Summer School 2019

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Babel Summer School 2019

Looking for an English language Summer school for your child in 2019? In this blog, we describe our Summer School and explain why Babel Academy is the best option!  

  1. Great location.

    Our Summer school is located in Raheny, Dublin 5. Raheny is a residential area on the north side of Dublin. The school is 5 minutes away from Raheny train station which connects to the city centre. Our campus has spacious classrooms, a canteen serving hot lunch, a gym, tennis courts and outdoor sports pitches. Our host families are within 30 minutes from the school.

  2. Good nationality mix and classes focused on communication skills.

    In the Summer, Babel welcomes students from all over the world. We have had students from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia and so on. The Summer school is a great way to make new friends through English! Our morning classes are focused on improving communication skills to encourage our students to communicate outside the classroom, with their host families and new friends.

  3. Fun!

    We have a great variety of afternoon, evening and weekend activities and excursions. From hockey and tennis to art and drama, summer discos, beach games and trips outside of Dublin - there is something for everyone. Our staff will always accompany the students on excursions and make sure they have a great time. We give our students the chance to visit the best attractions in Dublin city as well as organising activities on campus so students are always kept active and engaged.

  4. We care.

    We understand students come a long way to improve their English skills. We know how difficult it is to adapt to a new environment, a new city and a new language. This is why we are always available to help and support our students. Our programme staff spend time with students during breaks as well as during activities and check that they have everything they need, including a chance to talk if they are feeling a little homesick.

Our Summer school is suitable for students ages 8-18 years old. It runs from the end of June until mid-August. For more information, read our Summer school page or contact us for more details on

Join us for a Summer of fun, friends and learning. We look forward to meeting you!